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This film called "Warcraft" belongs to Science Fiction movies genre. Film's director's full name is Duncan Jones, it was released in 2016. Film Quallity is HDRip with 720p resolution, also IMDB rating was 7.4 at the moment then we was adding it. At this page you can download Warcraft torrent, but you need to have atleast 1.5 GB of free space on your hard disc drive. If you have a fast internet connection you can download it using the direct link, you can start watching the trailer of it right now, just scroll down the page. Good luck!
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Warcraft Torrent

Warcraft 2016 Poster

  • Release Year:  2016 
  • Quality:  HDRip 
  • Resolution:  720p 
  • Language: Warcraft with English language English
  • Film Director: Duncan Jones
  • Lenght: 123 min
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4
  • Download Size: 1.5 GB
  • Downloads: 919
  • Views Online: 7126
  • Movie Genre: Science Fiction

"Warcraft Torrent" plot:

For a long time, people and orcs have been at war. Durotan is the chieftain of his Frostwolf orc tribe, and he needs to get away from the life of war as he and his significant other Draka are expecting their first tyke. 

The orc families meet up as The Horde. Their territory, Draenor, is on the precarious edge of fate, so the evil orc warlock Gul'dan arrangements to direct The Horde into the place that is known for Azeroth. Gul'dan utilizes a dull type of enchantment called fel, which is made from death. He has caught many Draenei detainees in pens and conveys them to The Gate. The half-human/half-orc Garona is tied up and strolls past a few detainees who implore her to free them, despite the fact that it is outside her ability to control. 

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In the wake of depleting the Draenei of their life power, Gul'dan opens the entry to Azeroth. The orcs storm through, yet Draka covers her pregnant midsection. When they arrive, Draka encounters torment. Alternate orcs find he is pregnant and chasten Durotan for permitting her to come through in her state. She begins to conceive an offspring. Gul'dan loans his hand, and Draka brings forth a stillborn orc kid. Gul'dan ends the life power of an adjacent deer to give the kid life. He introduces Durotan's child to The Horde as another warrior. 

In Ironforge, Commander Anduin Lothar is meeting with King Magni Bronzebeard, who presents Lothar with a boomstick. Lothar is then summoned to the kingdom of Stormwind after an army has been assaulted. 

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Lothar goes to Stormwind and meets a mage named Khadgar, who was discovered assessing the bodies. They discover one man's body, which retches green smoke from the mouth, which means he was slaughtered with fel enchantment. Lothar and Khadgar meet with King Llane Wrynn. They are sent to meet with the Guardian Medivh in Karazhan. 

Lothar and Khadgar discover Medivh chiseling a goliath Golem out of mud. As Lothar discloses the circumstance to Medivh, Khadgar strolls through Medivh's library and sees a dull shadowy figure hiding. The force of the figure draws Khadgar toward a specific book. As he goes to lift it up, Medivh shows up and sticks Khadgar against the divider with his enchantment before dropping him. 

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Medivh joins Lothar and Khadgar as they run with a scouting group into the backwoods to explore the fel enchantment. They are assaulted by a gathering of orcs, who continue to pound the people, however Lothar can kill a decent few. Medivh enchants that murders the green-cleaned orcs, yet does nothing to Durotan, his companion Orgrim Doomhammer, or the war-mongering Blackhand. Blackhand goes to assault Lothar, however Lothar shoots off Blackhand's hand with his boomstick. The surviving orcs escape. Durotan rides a stallion passing Garona, still in chains. He swings a hatchet to break her chain and free her. Notwithstanding, Khadgar holds her down with his enchantment, and she is caught by the people. 

Garona is conveyed to Llane's stronghold. She clarifies that her homeworld does not exist on the guide of Azeroth, and that the orc armed force is resulting in these present circumstances world. She is then kept in a cell, yet is given sustenance and solace by Llane's significant other Queen Taria. Garona considers executing Taria to bring honor among the orcs, however Taria says there would be no honor among her kin.

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