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This film called "Independence Day: Resurgence" belongs to Science Fiction movies genre. Film's director's full name is Roland Emmerich, it was released in 2016. Film Quallity is HDRip with 720p resolution, also IMDB rating was 5.6 at the moment then we was adding it. At this page you can download Independence Day: Resurgence torrent, but you need to have atleast 1.4 GB of free space on your hard disc drive. If you have a fast internet connection you can download it using the direct link, you can start watching the trailer of it right now, just scroll down the page. Good luck!
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Independence Day: Resurgence Torrent

Independence Day: Resurgence 2016 Poster

  • Release Year:  2016 
  • Quality:  HDRip 
  • Resolution:  720p 
  • Language: Independence Day: Resurgence with English language English
  • Film Director: Roland Emmerich
  • Lenght: 120 min
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6
  • Download Size: 1.4 GB
  • Downloads: 2471
  • Views Online: 12836
  • Movie Genre: Science Fiction

"Independence Day: Resurgence Torrent" plot:

The film begins in space on the outsider mother ship. An animal is watching Thomas Whitmore's awakening discourse amid the fight that occurred a quarter century. The animal snarls, however it is only a bad dream that Thomas has. 

In the present, he is no more president, and his little girl Patricia works for current president Elizabeth Lanford. Patty was a pilot for the military, however she surrendered to deal with Thomas, as he is more delicate and exasperates after the intrusion. She is companions with Dylan Dubrow-Hiller, child of Steven Hiller, who kicked the bucket in the years since the fight. Dylan is chief of the military pilots. After the fight, the Earth Space Defense was set up, with Area fifty one getting to be home office. 

Independence Day: Resurgence full movie download

Patty's life partner Jake Morrison is on a base on the moon taking a shot at a machine with his closest companion Charlie. The machine extricates and about breakdown onto the base, however Jake utilizes his case to lift it and secure it set up. He later gets berated by his predominant Jiang Lao. General Joshua Adams is conveyed to the jail of some hostage outsiders that were kept alive since the fight. One outsider is seen to carry on abnormally. 

In Africa, David Levinson lands with Floyd Rosenberg at a base to meet warlord Dikimbe Umbutu. David keeps running into a past love interest, Dr. Catherine Marceaux. They are at the site of a smashed outsider boat. Umbutu and his men battled the outsiders and took their weapons. Umbutu cases to have seen dreams including the outsiders. The boat has likewise sent a misery call to its home planet. 

Independence Day: Resurgence full movie torrent

The pilots on the moon get a visit from Jiang's niece Rain, whom Charlie gets to be stricken with. Dylan likewise shows up, bringing about rubbing subsequent to Jake inadvertently murdered him amid preparing. Dylan gives back where its due by punching Jake in the face. 

The moon base notification a round specialty drawing nearer them. It is likewise seen on Earth by those in Africa and those on Lanford's staff. Thinking of it as a danger, Lanford orders the art to be shot down. The moon group fires at it, sending it plunging in reverse. All groups commend, supposing they have scored another triumph against outsiders. 

Independence Day: Resurgence torrent download

Jake's bus gets David, Catherine, Umbutu, and Floyd to the accident site of the art, where they locate an extensive compartment and recuperate it. We slice to David's dad Julius at a retirement home where he promotes a book in which he guarantees he was in charge of sparing the planet. In a doctor's facility, Dr. Brakish Okun has at long last awoken from his trance state following twenty years. He instantly gets up and writes outsider images on the dividers of his room.

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