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This film called "Guardians of the Galaxy" belongs to Adventure movies genre. Film's director's full name is James Gunn, it was released in 2014. Film Quallity is DVDRip, also IMDB rating was 8.1 at the moment then we was adding it. At this page you can download Guardians of the Galaxy torrent, but you need to have atleast 1.4 GB of free space on your hard disc drive. If you have a fast internet connection you can download it using the direct link, you can start watching the trailer of it right now, just scroll down the page. Good luck!
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Guardians of the Galaxy Torrent

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  • Release Year:  2014 
  • Quality:  DVDRip 
  • Language: Guardians of the Galaxy with English language English
  • Film Director: James Gunn
  • Lenght: 121 min
  • IMDB Rating: 8.1
  • Download Size: 1.4 GB
  • Downloads: 125
  • Views Online: 2509
  • Movie Genre: Adventure

"Guardians of the Galaxy Torrent" plot:
In 1988, after his mom's demise, a youthful Peter Quill is stole from Earth by the Ravagers, a gathering of space privateers drove by Yondu Udonta. Twenty after six years on the planet Morag, Quill takes a circle, after which Korath, a subordinate to the obsessive Kree, Ronan, captures him. Despite the fact that Quill escapes with the sphere, Yondu finds his burglary and issues an abundance for his catch, while Ronan sends the professional killer Gamora after the circle. 

At the point when Quill endeavors to offer the sphere on the Nova Empire capital world, Xandar, Gamora ambushes him and takes it. A battle results, attracting a couple of abundance seekers: the cybernetically and hereditarily adjusted raccoon Rocket, and the tree-like humanoid Groot. The Nova Corps arrives and captures every one of the four, detaining them in the Kyln. While there, an effective detainee, Drax, endeavors to murder Gamora because of her relationship with Ronan, who executed his crew. Plume persuades Drax that Gamora can convey Ronan to him. Gamora uncovers that she has deceived Ronan, unwilling to give him a chance to utilize the sphere's energy to devastate planets, beginning with Xandar. Discovering that Gamora has a purchaser for the circle, she, Quill, Rocket, Groot, and Drax cooperate to escape from the Kyln. 

Somewhere else, Ronan meets with Gamora's supportive father, Thanos, to examine her double-crossing. Joined by Drax, Quill's gathering gets away from the Kyln in his boat - the Milano - and escapes to Knowhere, a remote criminal station in space assembled in the mammoth separated leader of a Celestial. A tipsy Drax summons Ronan while whatever remains of the gathering meet Gamora's contact, the authority Taneleer Tivan. Tivan opens the circle, uncovering an Infinity Stone, a thing of boundless force that obliterates everything except the most intense creatures who wield it. All of a sudden, Tivan's tormented associate snatches the Stone, setting off a blast that overwhelms Tivan's file. 

Ronan arrives and effectively overcomes Drax, while the others escape by boat, sought after by Ronan's supporters and Gamora's sister Nebula. Cloud obliterates Gamora's boat, abandoning her gliding in space, and Ronan's strengths catch the circle. Plume contacts Yondu before taking after Gamora into space, giving her his protective cap to survive; Yondu arrives and recovers the pair. Rocket, Drax, and Groot debilitate to assault Yondu's boat to protect them, yet Quill arranges a détente by persuading Yondu that they can recuperate the circle. Plume's gathering concurs that confronting Ronan implies unavoidable passing, yet that they can't give him a chance to utilize the Infinity Stone to annihilate the universe. On Ronan's leader, the Dark Aster, Ronan installs the Stone in his warhammer, taking its energy for himself. He contacts Thanos, undermining to slaughter him after the decimation of Xandar; derisive of her receptive father, Nebula associates with Ronan. 

Close Xandar, the Ravagers, the Nova Corps, and Quill's gathering go up against and rupture the Dark Aster. Ronan utilizes his engaged warhammer to annihilate the Nova Corps armada. On the Dark Aster, after Gamora routs Nebula, she opens Ronan's chambers, yet the gathering get themselves outmatched by his energy until Rocket crashes the Milano through the Dark Aster. The harmed Dark Aster crash-lands on Xandar, with Groot giving up himself to shield the gathering. Ronan rises up out of the disaster area and gets ready to wreck Xandar, yet Quill diverts him, permitting Drax and Rocket to demolish Ronan's warhammer. Plume gets the liberated Stone, and with Gamora, Drax, and Rocket sharing its weight, they utilize it to wreck Ronan. 

In the result, Quill traps Yondu into taking a compartment as far as anyone knows containing the Stone, and gives the genuine Stone to the Nova Corps. As the Ravagers leave Xandar, Yondu comments that it turned out well that they didn't convey Quill to his dad per their agreement. Plume's gathering, now known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, have their criminal records canceled, and Quill discovers that he is just half-human, his dad being a piece of an old, obscure species. Plume at long last opens the last present he got from his mom: a tape loaded with her main tunes. The Guardians leave in the revamped Milano alongside a sapling cut from Groot.
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