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This film called "The Gift" belongs to Horror movies genre. Film's director's full name is Joel Edgerton, it was released in 2015. Film Quallity is HDRip, also IMDB rating was 7.5 at the moment then we was adding it. At this page you can download The Gift torrent, but you need to have atleast 705 MB of free space on your hard disc drive. If you have a fast internet connection you can download it using the direct link, you can start watching the trailer of it right now, just scroll down the page. Good luck!
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  • Release Year:  2015 
  • Quality:  HDRip 
  • Language: The Gift with English language English
  • Film Director: Joel Edgerton
  • Lenght: 108:11 min
  • IMDB Rating: 7.5
  • Download Size: 705 MB
  • Downloads: 814
  • Views Online: 6519
  • Movie Genre: Horror

"The Gift Torrent" plot:
A wedded couple, Simon and Robyn, are living what has all the earmarks of being a photo impeccable life. They move from Chicago to a rural Los Angeles neighborhood after Simon finds another occupation outside the city. While out purchasing supplies for their new home, they keep running into Gordon Moseley, a previous secondary school colleague of Simon's who Simon cases to have totally disregarded. Before long, he starts dropping in unannounced, ordinarily when Simon is grinding away, and sends numerous blessings including koi fish for Robyn's void lake. 

He is at first kind to the couple, yet Simon feels uncomfortable since he recollects Gordon as an odd fellow from secondary school. When he drops by one morning, Robyn welcomes Gordon in and demonstrates to him around their new home, including an extra space for a tyke that Robyn prematurely delivered back in Chicago. The next night, Gordon welcomes Simon and Robyn to supper at his substantial and rich home. Minutes after they arrive, he gets a strange telephone call from "work" and leaves all of a sudden, giving the couple time to deride Gordon and investigate the house. They discover a wardrobe brimming with ladies' garments and a youngsters' room in spite of Gordon letting them know he doesn't have a gang. When he returns, Simon further inquiries him, and Gordon lets them know it was really his wife on the telephone; she has as of late separated him and brought off with both his youngsters. Simon takes this chance to end the evening's supper party before it starts and he advises Robyn to hold up in the auto while he stands up to Gordon and closures their companionship. 

The following day, Robyn returns home from a hurried to discover the fish in the lake are dead and their pooch missing. Simon instantly suspects Gordon and drives to his home to go up against him just to figure out that it was not Gordon's home. They include the police, who let them know that without proof, the most they can do is inquiry Gordon and doing as such would tip him off about their suspicions. In the days that take after while telecommuting, Robyn starts to suspect that she is not the only one in the house in the wake of listening to clamors and discovering the kitchen tap turned on. She additionally experiences difficulty dozing and takes some stolen solution pills that she avoids Simon. One morning, she turns out to be frightened to the point that she falls. Simon discovers the shrouded pills and inquiries Robyn about them, feeling that she has backslid and is taking medications once more, as she had when they were in Chicago to facilitate her misery. They contend and Robyn is harmed that he doesn't trust she is being viewed by Gordon and accepts rather that it is all in her mind. 

Simon is remunerated with an advancement as his one rival for the employment, Danny McDonald, was precluded after some upsetting data is uncovered from Danny's past occupation. Back at home, the couple's pooch out of the blue returns one night and Simon trusts Gordon is disturbing them. They then get a letter from Gordon expressing that he is sorry to learn troubled them and composes that he was willing to "let the past stay in the past," which is coordinated at Simon. Robyn questions what he implies by it however Simon acts confounded by the announcement. Time passes and they figure out how to proceed onward, amid which time Robyn uncovers that she is pregnant once more. Be that as it may, Robyn is still pained by Gordon's last letter and needs to comprehend what "past events" Gordon was alluding to. 

At her child shower, Robyn gets some information about Gordon. She uncovers that in secondary school, Simon and his old closest companion Greg discovered Gordon being attacked by a more established understudy in a parking area and reported it, which professedly "outed" Gordon as being gay. Robyn tracks down Greg, now a chiropractor in the city, and gets some information about it. He rapidly gets to be upset and reluctantly uncovers that Simon created the entire story just "in light of the fact that he might." He be able to was a well known child and a harasser with a "genuine mean streak." Neither of them approached to come clean. Subsequently, Gordon's dad about murdered him on the grounds that he trusted Gordon was gay, when really he was most certainly not. Robyn ventures Simon's home office while he is away on a playing golf excursion and finds that he has run individual verifications on both Gordon and Danny McDonald. She goes up against Simon about the story however he declines to apologize as far as it matters for him in it, which alerts Robyn. She lets him know he is still a domineering jerk. 

In the long run, Robyn starts feeling considerably more focused on and discouraged and advises Simon that she needs him to make peace with Gordon. That night, Simon goes to a bar where Gordon is serving as host for a test night and has a couple drinks while he sits tight for him to wrap up. He then discovers Gordon in the parking area and endeavors to apologize, however Gordon does not acknowledge, telling Simon "You may be finished with the past, yet the past is not finished with you." Furious, Simon violently assaults Gordon and undermines to wreck him if Gordon draws close to his family once more. 

A couple of days after the fact, Simon is facilitating a get-together at their home to praise his advancement with some of his companions and associates when somebody tosses a stone through their front room window. Simon at first trusts it to be Gordon yet it ends up being Danny McDonald, Simon's opposition for the advancement. He reviles at Simon, asserting to have seen an email that Simon sent manufacturing the majority of the data that precluded him for the advancement and prompted him getting terminated. Catching the majority of the fervor, Robyn starts giving birth. The following morning after a fruitful conveyance of an infant kid, Simon gets a telephone call from work. He is informed that they know he misled land the position over Danny and that he is let go in view of it. Robyn then tells Simon that she wouldn't like to retreat to their home with him, demonstrating that she needs to isolated after the late occasions. 

Simon goes home to scrub down where he discovers another blessing from Gordon at their entryway. It is a child support with three independently wrapped endowments inside it, numbered 1, 2 and 3. The primary contains a house key, which opens their front entryway. The second is a sound CD, which had recorded Simon taunting Gordon while he had left to talk on the telephone at his supper party months prior. The third is a DVD, which indicates different clasps of footage of Robyn and Simon having supper and resting in their home. It likewise indicates Robyn crumpling while home alone and a man in a monkey cover, thought to be Gordon, taking her into the room, stroking her oblivious body. The footage suddenly finishes, abandoning it questionable with reference to whether Gordon assaulted Robyn. While this is going on, Gordon visits Robyn in the clinic to bring her blooms. She wakes and inquires as to whether his wounds originated from Simon. Gordon advises her that great individuals merit great things and leaves all of a sudden. 

Simon surges back to the healing center and sees Gordon getting into the lift. He tries to pursue him down yet loses him. Gordon then calls Simon while watching him through a window, and Simon requests to know whether Gordon assaulted Robyn and miracles if the child is his. Gordon insults and declines to affirm or deny this. Simon surges back into take a gander at his child however can't get a nearby look. Robyn takes a gander at him with scorn and Simon begins sobbing on the healing center floor, his life demolished. Gordon watches Simon disintegrating before swinging to leave the healing facility and removing his arm sling, proposing that his activities had been completely computed.
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