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This film called "The Dark Knight Rises" belongs to Action movies genre. Film's director's full name is Christopher Nolan, it was released in 2012. Film Quallity is BDRip with 720p resolution, also IMDB rating was 8.5 at the moment then we was adding it. At this page you can download The Dark Knight Rises torrent, but you need to have atleast 705 MB of free space on your hard disc drive. If you have a fast internet connection you can download it using the direct link, you can start watching the trailer of it right now, just scroll down the page. Good luck!
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The Dark Knight Rises Torrent

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  • Release Year:  2012 
  • Quality:  BDRip 
  • Resolution:  720p 
  • Language: The Dark Knight Rises with English language English
  • Film Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Lenght: 164 min
  • IMDB Rating: 8.5
  • Download Size: 705 MB
  • Downloads: 112
  • Views Online: 2322
  • Movie Genre: Action

"The Dark Knight Rises Torrent" plot:

Official James Gordon is conveying a commendation for Harvey Dent toward the end of The Dark Knight: "I knew Harvey Dent. I was his companion. What is more, it will be quite a while before somebody moves us the way he did. I trusted in Harvey Dent..." 

After eight years, a van is driving over a field, possessed by Russian warriors. They are transporting an atomic researcher, Dr. Leonid Pavel. Sitting in the secondary lounges are three detainees, who are bound, have hoods over their heads, and rifles prepared on them. The van touches base at a landing strip, where it meets a plane possessed by a focal lintelligence operator, Bill Wilson, and United States Special Ops warriors from an extraction group, whom Dr. Pavel has given a break with. The focal insight operator declines to let the hooded detainees go ahead his air ship. The specialist is told by the truck driver, Barsad, that they are soldiers of fortune who work for the conceal man. He takes it that the "conceal man" is Bane, a notorious terrorist, and brings them on board. 

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Amid the flight, Wilson examines the detainees for data about Bane. He has one detainee dragged to the freight entryway and requests to know who paid the men to capture Dr. Pavel. At the point when the man declines to talk, Wilson pulls his gun and shoot a shot far from the man's head and pulls the man back inside. The second detainee is pulled over to the entryway and given the same treatment. This time, Wilson gets some information about the veil that Bane wears. The man neglects to talk persuading he's "terribly faithful for a procured firearm". 

Now, the third detainee - who sounds like he is talking through a voice speaker recommends that his companion is asking why might somebody shoot a man before tossing him out of a plane? Wilson signals for one fighter to seal the entryway and approaches this detainee for his name. The hooded man says that it doesn't make a difference who he and his confidants are, yet it's their arrangement that matters. As the man concedes that "nobody minded who I was 'til I put on the veil", Wilson expels his hood, uncovering a bare, solid animal wearing a scary breathing contraption over his mouth - Bane. 

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Wilson inquires as to whether he will bite the dust on the off chance that he removes the veil, and Bane guarantees him it would be amazingly difficult for Wilson. Wilson praises Bane for getting himself got, and solicits him what the following stride from his ground breaking strategy is. Bane strongly reports it: slamming the exceptionally plane they are on right now without any survivors! 

On signal, a group of thugs quick rope out of a C-130 Hercules that has plummeted over the plane, arrive on the little plane's wings, and shoot out the side windows with weapons, while Bane breaks his binds and punches Wilson. The colleagues connect links to the plane with snares behind the wings, and plant bombs in the fuselage. As the plane plunges, the anxiety detaches the wings. Two thugs then ascend and set off charges to pass over the tail segment. One trooper draws his gun and figures out how to get off one round before he is shot dead by a hired soldier diving into the plane. The soldiers of fortune likewise bring down in a body pack containing the cadaver of a man who looks like Dr. Pavel. 

Dark Knight Rises torrent download

Bane gets Dr. Pavel, and hauls out a little tube with needles on both finishes. He embeds one end into Dr. Pavel's arm and the other into the carcass, and begins to play out a blood exchange. Bane spots one of his confidants getting away and orders the man to stop, as the powers hope to discover one of them in the destruction. The man inquires as to whether they've begun a discharge, and Bane says, "Yes, the shoot rises." Bane appends the saddle to himself and Dr. Pavel, and advises the specialist that an ideal opportunity to frenzy will come later. He sets off a detonator, which discharges the fuselage to fall to Earth. Bane and Dr. Pavel are then reeled up into the greater plane. 

In Gotham, the eighth commemoration of Harvey Dent's demise is being praised as Dent Day. At a Wayne Manor philanthropy occasion facilitated by the eternity missing Bruce Wayne, Gordon gets ready to convey a discourse uncovering reality about Dent and the killings for which the Batman had accepted all negative consequences eight years prior took after by his own renunciation as official, yet choosing that the time is wrong, and having flashbacks of Dent holding his child prisoner, he stuffs the discourse into his coat.

His Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley converses with the city's congressman Byron Gilly, who illuminates him that with the drop in wrongdoing, Gordon is a war legend in peacetime, and the chairman anticipates dumping him in the spring. Miranda Tate, an affluent financial specialist, and agent John Daggett attempt to meet the isolated Bruce to inspire him to put resources into her spotless vitality venture, however can't meet him. Daggett is interested why Miranda is keen on seeing a person who discarded her venture, however Miranda reprimands him for just comprehension cash and the force he supposes it purchases.

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